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Matteo Pianezzi

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Piume won the JURY CLASS AWARD for the competition 12+ in Festival Plein la Bobine.plein la bobine
festival alto vicentinoCongratulations to Matteo Pianezzi who wins the Best Actor Award at “Festival Alto Vicentino” for its excellent performance in Piume.

grandoffvarsavia-smallMatteo Pianezzi nominated for Best Actor at the Grand Off Festival in Warsaw. Only Italian in the competition! The festival will be held December 1 to 6 in the Polish capital.

giffoni-news“FEATHERS” directed by Adriano Giotti, photographed by Dario Di Mella and produced by Corso Codecasa and Matteo Pianezzi (also lead interpreteR in the film) for Diero Productions, made with the support of Apulia Film Commission and UBI Banca Carime wins the ‘AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL AWARD at GIFFONI FESTIVAL 2014 Category Masterclass for the following reasons:

For the ability to describe with poetry the unexpected forms in which the courage of the good can emerge even in THE most frustrating living conditions . For the realistic happy ending , which reminds us that humanity of lasts is stronger than the social patterns on which racism is deeply rooted. “

cortiandcigarettes-smallFEATHERS by Adriano Giotti produced by Diero with the contribution of Apulia Film Commission and the support of Banca Carime won three awards at the International Festival Corti and Cigarettes 2014. “AUDIENCE AWARD” – “BEST INTERPRETER Matteo Pianezzi” – “AWARD RB CASTING BEST INTERPRETATION Matteo Pianezzi “
overlookOverlook 2014 – 5th CinemAvvenire Film Festival: the award for Best Male Performance goes to Matteo Pianezzi for PIUME by Adriano Giotti.
cncFeathers by Adriano Giotti was inserted into the database of CENTRO NAZIONALE DEL CORTO that enclose THE BEST ITALIAN SHORTS http://www.centrodelcorto.it/scheda/piume-trailer_1399.html